THE BLOCKCHAIN interface for your app

We built blockchain middleware so you don’t have to. Our frictionless solution enables you to build blockchain apps with the best user experience. Don’t host your own nodes or build your own key management again. 

Blockchain Revolution

Abstrakt lowers cost for moving applications onto a blockchain. Projects can connect their apps to a blockchain in days vs. months.  Businesses can focus on their service differentiators.
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“Make blockchain development
Easy. Secure. Affordable”

We Have Your Middleware Solution

Whether you’re developing your own cutting edge blockchain APP, or porting existing solutions to the decentralized web, we have solutions that can increase security, cut development time and costs, and most importantly deliver the phenomenal experience that users expect.



Our solutions are built to be plug and play, making it easy for you to leverage into your products. Developers love a easy integration experience, so that’s precisely how we’ve made it!


Leveraging our solutions, projects can get connected to the blockchain in just a matter of weeks. Traditionally this would have taken many months!



Not only are our products designed with the latest cutting edge secure technologies, we remain vigilant of the threat landscape. Keeping you secure into the future!

Take our wallet for a Drive

We built a Mobile Wallet so you don’t have too. Rapidly bring your users into the decentralized future with fully baked features including the contact service, remote web interface, hardware private key management, transaction signing, user interfaces and much more.


Wire into our SDK to securely manage private keys, sign transactions with native biometric 2FA, seamlessly integrate a fiat-to-crypto gateway*, deploy public key abstraction in the form of secure contact management, and much more.

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